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All we do for your company, begins with an invaluable asset. A good idea.

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The logo is the essence of a corporate identity.

It conveys complex meanings and concepts, through a simple, unique, graphical execution.

It is the identification of a business, a company, or a product.
The most used form of visual communication, of a company and its customers.


A strong, homogeneous corporate identity, is a bearer of value, because it evokes emotions in those who come in contact with.

A logo is effective when it is recognizable, versatile and immediate. It is easily memorizable and its timeless. Longeval.

The brand is a long-term investment: it communicates the quality of your company.

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The main activity of the HUMATIVE design studio is addressed to the creation of logos and brands for every kind of company: individual, small and medium enterprises and companies with international profile.

HUMATIVE is a one-man design studio, supported by programmers and copywriters.
A dynamic team for an optimal organization, and a substantial cost containment.

Branding & Identity

The logo is just the first step in building a new graphic identity. The Brand involves every sector of the activity of a company, its purpose is to create a strong emotional connection between the product and the customer.

Digital & Web Design

We build great impact websites, with minimal content and carefully optimized layouts for a unique user experience. We design User Interfaces for Software and Apps.

Creative Comunication

No company can afford to stay on the market without an effective and clear communication. Even the best product needs to be presented in a creative and professional way.

Print & Packaging

Printing is our strongest passion. We realize catalogs, posters, and all kinds of packaging. Offset or digital, we prepare the work for the typography with a maniacal attention to details

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Owner, Designer

Airbrush illustrator in the early nineties he become a technical designer and then expert in creative communication. Drone pilot, Web Designer. English by birth, Italian by adoption lives at the sea, near Rome.


Head of Security

Responsible for the security at the studio, also directs all outdoor activities. long runs on the beach, frisby throwing, and mountain biking. Reliable and sociable, her resume boasts a training out of the ordinary.


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